What Lake Is Near Inman Sc

Can you swim in Lake Bowen?

Water activities at Lake Blalock Park Just like Lake Bowen, the park and the lake are managed by the Spartanburg Water system. Lake Blalock, a 1,105 acre lake, offers water activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, pontoon-boating.

Is Lake Bowen a natural lake?

Bowen is a manmade lake created in 1960 by the impound- ment of the South Pacolet River (fig. 1).

What city is Lake Bowen in?

Lake Bowen is a 1,534 acre lake that is managed by the Spartanburg Water system. Anchor Park provides access to Lake Bowen and is located in Inman, SC.

Is Lake Bowen clean?

Lake Bowen is undergoing a “deep cleaning” of sorts because of high algae levels in the water. High temperatures and low water levels cause algae to grow. Lake Bowen is the main source of water for many municipalities in the upstate. So keeping it clean is top priority for the water company.

What is the cleanest lake in South Carolina?

The Clearest Lake In South Carolina Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real. For more than 45 years, South Carolina’s man-made reservoir known as Lake Jocassee has served to inspire awe in all of those who see it. Most people who have experienced Lake Jocassee in person agree the gorgeous lake is an unspoiled paradise.

Can you swim at lake Cooley?

This 18,500-acre mountain lake offers it all. Along with motorized boat access not far from the park, a half-mile trail provides lake access to fish for bass, bream, crappie, and catfish. Swimming is at your own risk and there is no designated swimming area. Over 24 campsites are available nearby.

What kind of fish are in Lake Bowen SC?

Lake Bowen/Fish.

Is Lake Bowen a man made lake?

It is the largest lake in Spartanburg County with 33 miles (53 km) of shoreline. The lake is formed by the waters of the South Pacolet River to serve as a public drinking water supply. Lake Bowen Type reservoir Primary inflows South Pacolet River Basin countries United States Surface area 1,534 acres (621 ha).

Is Lake Bowen Landing open?

Lake Bowen Park Hours: 6 a.m. – Midnight.

Can you kayak Lake Bowen?

Kayak passes that are good for both Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock are only $5 for everyone. Life jackets are required and a loaner system has been set up at the boat dock if you forgot one. If boating isn’t what you had in mind, the park has tons of shade trees and a modern playground.

Is Lake Bowen public?

Anchor Park and Lake Bowen are managed by the Spartanburg Water system. Anchor Park contains a public boat ramp (lake permit required), rentable picnic pavilion, large playground and restrooms. Anchor Park is also home to the Lake Bowen Warden’s Office who is responsible for law enforcement on the 1,534 acre lake.

What county is Lake Hartwell SC in?

Lake Hartwell is located on Anderson County’s western border. Anderson is the largest nearby city.

What is the nicest lake in South Carolina?

It’s No Secret Why These 7 Lakes Are The Best In South Carolina Lake Bowen. Wikimedia/NqcRz. Lake Greenwood. Google/ana galaviz. Lake Marion. Wikimedia/lempleh. Lake Jocassee. Google/Robin Mower. Lake Hartwell. Flickr/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District. Lake Murray. Google/Craig Yoho. Lake Keowee.

Are there alligators in McCormick SC?

Find your oasis on the lake in McCormick County: far enough south to have snow-free winters, yet north enough to be alligator and hurricane-free. A tapestry woven with scenic hiking trails, waterways, golf courses, state parks and innumerable outdoor activities, McCormick’s slogan is “the natural pace of life.”.

Are there alligators in lake Greenwood SC?

Lake Greenwood is known for its alligator-free, clean swimming environment. Alligator sightings are infrequent at best, so families can enjoy the water without worry.

Are there any natural lakes in SC?

For one thing, Waccamaw is a real lake. Not a reservoir — a naturally occurring body of water — and a big one. About 9,000 acres, surrounded by 14 miles of shoreline, Waccamaw is the third-largest natural lake in the state.

Is there alligators in Lake Murray SC?

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) says it is possible for alligators to be see on the Lexington and Saluda county side of the lake.

What is the best lake to live on?

The United States has some truly mesmerizing lakes throughout the country, and as a result, many postcard-worthy lakeside towns. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Lake Placid, New York. Okoboji, Iowa. South Lake Tahoe, California. Traverse City, Michigan. Sandpoint, Idaho. Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Can you swim in Lyman Lake SC?

Lyman Lake has a designated swimming area, but the shore may be rocky. That’s why we recommend comfortable foot cover and a light mat to put under your towel. There is no boating or fishing allowed in the designated swimming area. There is no swimming outside of the designated swimming area.

Can you swim in lake Cunningham SC?

Fishing, kayaking, canoeing and small boats with less than 10HP are allowed. Swimming is NOT allowed. Daily fee of $5 to use the lake, or $30/year for non-motorized boats.

Is Saluda Lake open?

Open dawn to dusk. There is a small fee to utilize this access, which includes a boat ramp and large paved parking lot. The ramp is open from dawn to dusk; no overnight parking is allowed, and the gates open and close at dusk. This is the last take out before the Saluda Lake Dam.